Strategies to Grow Your Follower Count: Instagram Success

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Are you seeking to expand your Instagram followership but unsure of the initial steps to take?

Numerous methods exist for growing your Instagram followers, such as purchasing them or boosting posts. However, it’s important to note that these approaches offer only short-term benefits and may have negative consequences in the long run.

Instagram has evolved into the predominant social media platform for sharing photos and videos, boasting a user base of over 2 billion active individuals today.

Consequently, businesses aiming to reach their target audience can leverage Instagram marketing and a substantial follower count to enhance their exposure and visibility.

Enhance your Instagram bio by adding branded hashtags and call-to-actions.

In your Instagram bio, it’s essential to showcase branded hashtags, a link, and a call-to-action. This is particularly vital when seeking to attract new Instagram users. This section serves as a means for users to learn more about you or your brand and decide whether they want to follow you.

However, avoid sounding desperate or appearing spammy. Your goal is to inform users about your identity and the reasons they should consider following you. Be sure to keep this section up-to-date as necessary.

Add A Link in your Instagram

Ensure that your current clients and customers can easily discover your Instagram presence by including a social media icon in your website’s navigation or by embedding Instagram content directly into your site. Additionally, consider adding a link to your brand’s Instagram account in your email signature. Utilizing a plugin to display your most recent Instagram posts on your website can also be an effective strategy. This approach can be highly beneficial for expanding your following among clients who frequently visit your site, promoting your new Instagram account effectively.

Include tags for individuals who engage with your brand in your photos

Another method to increase your visibility among people who aren’t currently following you is to tag relevant accounts, ensuring that your content appears in their tagged feed.

For instance, if you manage a fitness studio, consider taking a group photo after a Body Pump class and tagging each participant. This will populate their respective tagged feeds, allowing their followers to see the post and discover your studio.

This approach is also applicable to other brand and business accounts. If you can share the limelight and tag others, take advantage of it. This collaborative effort can ultimately lead to a growth in your Instagram followers and potential leads.

Develop a strategy and establish a content calendar filled with creative ideas.

Our usual focus on generating, delivering, and optimizing excellent content remains equally important when it comes to sharing photos and videos on a business or brand’s Instagram account.

Taking the time to brainstorm captivating content ideas that align with seasons, holidays, upcoming business events, and, most crucially, your overall traffic and sales objectives is imperative.

However, you can still maintain flexibility and post spontaneously as inspiration strikes. Nevertheless, having a reservoir of ideas and a tentative posting schedule will keep you well-prepared instead of scrambling for content.

The posting frequency can vary based on your business, ranging from multiple times a day to several times a week. Therefore, crafting an Instagram content plan and adhering to it is a wise strategy.

Share only visually well-crafted images and videos

Businesses should exclusively employ high-quality photos and videos when sharing content on Instagram.

By high-quality, I mean images and videos that are crystal clear and free from pixelation. Instagram, first and foremost, is a visual platform.

It’s essential for businesses to refrain from posting blurry photos or images with cropped-out sections. While it doesn’t necessarily need to reach National Geographic standards, it should, at the very least, maintain focus.

Content of subpar quality is unlikely to garner engagement and may even result in a loss of followers.

Execute contests and campaigns to expand your brand’s reach.

After you’ve established a follower base, consider organizing contests and campaigns to draw additional users to your page.

For instance, you can use an engaging Instagram contest to redirect traffic to your website or promote your product. Contest participants might be encouraged to like, comment, employ a specific hashtag, or tag a friend, increasing your brand’s visibility and exposure to a wider audience on Instagram.

This strategy proves highly effective for bolstering brand awareness, expanding your reach, and serving as a valuable tactic for increasing your Instagram followers.

Avoid excessive text in your photos.

Generally, it’s advisable to reserve text for your captions as Instagram primarily attracts users seeking visual content.

Posting extensive text within an image goes against the platform’s usual conventions. While a brief, uplifting quote or statement can be appealing, it’s best to avoid trying to squeeze in a partial product description or lengthy message directly into the image.

If you’re seeking methods to incorporate text into your photos, Canva is a useful and free tool that can assist you in achieving this.

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